The PriTelecom team

You want your customers to always be able to reach you optimally and the same applies to us!

If you want to ask us something, you can call us every working day and we will be happy to talk to you personally. You can of course also email, chat or create a support ticket. At PriTelecom we find personal service and being easy to reach the basis of trust and doing pleasant business together. We’re here to assist you!

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Part of the PriGroup

PriTelecom is part of the PriGroup; a group of companies founded in the Netherlands in 2010. The first company was PriPost and now there are several Pri-services that are all aimed at making life easier for people who live, work and do business flexibly.

Offers a postal address in the Netherlands to both individuals and companies, with the practical service of scanning and / or forwarding the mail. In other words, wherever our customers are, we ensure that their mail reaches them, digitally and/or physically.

Offers flex desks, meeting rooms, fixed office space and business addresses at 12 representative offices in the Netherlands. With 1 membership, the entrepreneurs can use all locations to work and meet.

Offers a delivery address in the Netherlands where parcels from all webshops, all carriers and from all countries of the world are received. Parcels are then consolidated (if desired) and forwarded to any address worldwide. For webshops PriParcel offers a special service for the receipt of returns.

Offers a fixed telephone number (VoIP) at the best price in the market. With a handy app you can also call out with that fixed number. So both a small or large entrepreneur have a fixed telephone number with a professional look and the flexibility of a mobile number.

This service is not yet operational but is expected to be launched in the 2nd half of 2022. PriSecurity offers SME entrepreneurs an affordable way to protect their website, webshop or web portal against cyber crime.

Our core values

Since the start, we have used the following core values, which are reflected in all the services we offer:

Our services support a free way of life, location and time independent. This means that we now have customers in 88 countries of the world.
We also extend this freedom in our conditions, because we have a notice period of only 1 calendar month on all our services. We also offer many customization options, so that you as a customer have a lot of freedom of choice in how you purchase the service.

With our services we offer convenience, in things that you simply need but that you generally do not want to spend a lot of time on. It just has to be good and easy to arrange and we offer that through our online platform. All services come together in one online environment, you log in with one password, everything comes on one collective invoice, everything is paid via one e-wallet, you can go to one telephone number / customer service with your questions, etc.

Our services are often necessary, but not something that someone wants to spend a lot of money on. That is why we always strive to offer the best possible price, without compromising on quality. We achieve this because we focus on volume, many customers who pay a small amount, so that we share the costs with each other. That is why we have a high degree of automation, to be able to handle those volumes and to scale up without any problems.

We are 100% organized online, but are also easily accessible offline through various channels. As a customer, you basically arrange everything online, but if you can’t find a solution, or if you just want to have someone on the phone in person, you can. We find being easily accessible the basis of trust and many customers find that, especially today, very pleasant.
But accessibility is also in our services; people or entrepreneurs with a small budget can also use the services we offer. They are economical, easy and therefore accessible to everyone.