Easy forwarding the way you want

Decide for yourself where and when people can reach you and how you want to forward calls. For example, forward calls on your business number to voicemail and listen back later to who called. Or switch your business number to another (mobile) number, so that customers and other relations still get someone on the line.

  • Forward to your voicemail
  • Forward to another number
  • Never miss a call again

Always available thanks to forwarding

Are you not always in the office, but don’t want to miss a phone call? Transfer the business number to your mobile number. That way you still receive the call, so you can also speak to customers on the road. Or switch to another number, for example from a colleague or someone else.

Forward to your voicemail

Transfer your business phone number to voicemail via VoIP. Let customers and other relations record a message for you, which you can then easily listen back to. Call back when it’s more convenient, so you never have to miss a question or request again.

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