Good and cheaper

With the smartphone app you can make good and cheaper calls. You only pay € 1,50 per month for the use of the app. Then you do not pay any extra costs to receive calls on your business number. If you were to have those calls transferred to a mobile or fixed number, you would pay a per minute rate for that.

  • Receive calls at no extra cost
  • Call yourself with your business phone number
  • Better sound quality than over the phone line

Call yourself with your business number

Thanks to the smartphone app, you can now call yourself with your business number. If you call via the app, the other person will see your business number as an incoming number. This prevents you from having to share your private number or a mobile number when you call customers yourself. Thanks to the app, you can complete the professional look of your company.

Experience better sound quality

Moreover, you can make calls in better sound quality than via a telephone line. With our smartphone app you use the internet connection of your smartphone. More bandwidth is available for better sound. Customers, suppliers and other relations will understand you better. Moreover, it contributes to your professional look.

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