Make a call with a phone or headset

With a VoIP phone you can call as you are used to, but then easier. An internet connection (instead of a specific telephone connection) is sufficient. In addition, you choose a device that you prefer, possibly with a headset to keep your hands free while calling.

  • Call via the internet as you are used to
  • Only an internet connection is required
  • Also with headset to keep your hands free

Are you interested in ordering a pre-programmed VoIP phone? Please contact us and we are happy to help you.

Call with headset
VoIP phone

Already programmed and working

The VoIP phone that you order from us is already programmed for you. That means that you only have to turn it on with plug-and-play. Connecting is super easy, so you can call with it right away. You only need an internet connection for that, so that you can now place a phone anywhere in the office.

Easy forwarding and other features

The VoIP phone is already prepared for the functions that most companies like to use. This makes it easier, for example, to forward to a colleague or another number. The phone especially for VoIP makes it as easy as possible for you.

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