Apply for a business number

You can easily apply for a fixed business number. This ensures a professional look. In addition, you avoid having to call customers, suppliers and other relations with your mobile (private) number. Keep business and private life more easily separate thanks to the fixed number that you can request for business.

  • Apply for a fixed business number
  • Professional look
  • Choice of national 085 or regional number

National 085 number or regional number

You decide which telephone number you apply for. Use an 085 number to highlight your national availability. Or choose a regional number for example Rotterdam (010), Amsterdam (020), Utrecht (030) or Eindhoven (040). You can even request your own number per branch or department.

Call with the business number

With our PriTelecom app , you can take business calls to the fixed number at no extra cost on your mobile. Moreover, you can call yourself with your fixed number. The other person does not notice anywhere that you are actually calling from a mobile phone.

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