Always available by phone and a professional look

You want a professional look for your company, so a fixed telephone number. At the same time, you always want to be optimally available by phone, even when you are on the road. This can be done with a VoIP number, in other words, calling via the internet.

Request your fixed number from us and transfer it to your mobile phone. Or use our PriTelecom app. Then you can answer calls to the fixed number on your mobile at no extra cost. Via the app you can also call out with the fixed telephone number, so that you keep your own, mobile number private.

Choose your phone number

When you request a telephone number from us, you first choose what kind of number you want. For example, a local number if you mainly work regionally. If you want to radiate national accessibility, choose an 085 number.

Already have a phone number you want to continue using? We understand that very well. With number porting, we arrange that you can continue to call with your current number, but with our advantageous rates.

Choose how you want to receive the incoming calls

There are 4 different ways you can receive the incoming calls. Below we explain these options to you.

  1. Directly to your voicemail
    Incoming calls are routed directly to your voicemail. You will then receive voicemail messages via email so that you can listen to them.
  2. On a VoIP phone
    With a VoIP phone you can make calls as you are used to, but via the internet and with better quality. With these types of devices you can easily transfer calls or, for example, make calls using a headset. To receive calls on a VoIP phone, you need a so-called endpoint. With this phone you can also call out with your fixed number.
  3. Via the PriTelecom app on your mobile
    The most used and economical option is to receive calls via the PriTelecom app on your mobile. So you can make and receive calls with your smartphone via your ‘fixed’ telephone number. You don’t pay a call fee for incoming calls and the sound quality is better!
  4. Transfer to an existing (mobile) phone number
    If you only want to be reached on your fixed number and do not necessarily have to call out, you can transfer the call to an existing telephone number (fixed and / or mobile). You don’t need an endpoint and you can enter multiple numbers that you want to forward to. There are no costs involved in this. You only pay the seconds of calls that are forwarded, according to the competitive PriTelecom rates.
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Apply for a phone number

The application is very simple and arranged within a few minutes:

  • Click apply
  • Create a username and password
    This gives you access to the online platform (PriPortal)
  • Click the activation link
    You will automatically receive this via e-mail
  • Complete your application in the PriPortal
    We ask you to fill in some personal details. Your personal information is safe with us and we will never share it with third parties unless required to do so by law.
  • Choose your phone number
    You choose your preferred area code, for example 010- or 085-
  • Done!

Are you ready to apply for your phone number?

Arrange it easily and within a few minutes.

Do you want more information first or do you have a question?

Call us, send an e-mail or chat with our employees via the contact page.