Professional fixed number on your mobile

You want a professional look for your company, so a fixed number. At the same time, you want people to be able to reach you on your mobile when you are on the road. This can be done with a fixed number on mobile. Apply for your your fixed number from us and forward it to your mobile number. Or use our PriTelecom app. Then you can answer calls to the fixed number on your mobile at no extra cost.

  • Fixed number for a professional look
  • Forward calls to your mobile
  • Answer calls at no extra cost via our app

Call from your mobile with the fixed number

Conversely, you can even call from your mobile with the fixed number for your company. It is the ultimate professional look with a fixed number on mobile. From our app you can call customers, suppliers and other relations with your fixed number. This way you keep your mobile number private and you ensure a business strong appearance.

At no extra cost thanks to our app

Transferring your fixed number to mobile normally costs money. You often pay per minute, even if that is a small amount. If you use our PriTelecom app, you do not incur any extra costs. You record calls to the landline number from the app, so that customers don’t notice that you’re actually calling mobile.

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