Business phone number in the Netherlands

To request a business phone number in the Netherlands, you need a Dutch business address. So do you want to apply for a national 085 number or a regional number starting with, for example, 010, 020 or 030? This is only possible if you can give us your business address. We will then get to work on it for you.

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Request a Dutch business address

Don’t have a Dutch business address? Or would you rather not use your (private) address for this? No problem. You can apply for a Dutch business address from PriOffice. You can use that address for your registration with the Chamber of Commerce and to request a Dutch telephone number. At PriOffice, we explain exactly how that works

Dutch telephone number: national or regional

After we have received proof of your business address, we can request a Dutch telephone number for you. That can be a national number, which starts with 085. Or it can be a regional number, for example starting with 010, 020 or 030 for (respectively) Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht. Of course we can also supply all other regional numbers.

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