Ideal for businesses

Calling via the internet is actually very simple. You call via the internet connection, so you no longer need a separate telephone connection. You can easily receive the phone calls on your mobile. Or on a VoIP phone that just works the way you’re used to. With a headset, it becomes even easier, because during a conversation you even have your hands free.

  • Call without a telephone connection
  • Call with your mobile or a VoIP phone as you are used to
  • Cheaper than with a telephone subscription

Internet calling is cheaper

Calling via the Internet is cheaper than via a telephone connection. You pay a lower price per month, because you opt for modern technology based on much more available bandwidth. The call quality is higher, you have more options and forwarding is just as easy as you might be used to.

And at least as reliable

Thanks to the VoIP phone in the office, easy forwarding and our PriTelecom app, internet calling is at least as reliable as what you are used to. Request a business phone number (national or regional) and show pure professionalism to your customers, suppliers and other business relations.

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