Phone number with area code of your choice

You choose the telephone number with which you want to call for business purposes. That means, we request a national 085 number or a regional number for you. So are you located in, for example, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht or Eindhoven? We provide a telephone number with which you can let your customers know immediately.

  • Choice of national or regional numbers
  • Business fixed telephone number: professional look
  • Emphasize local presence or that you operate nationally
  • Also available for individuals

Make a professional impression

With a fixed business phone number you make a more professional impression. Emphasize that you are active nationwide with a 085 number. Or emphasize the local presence with a regional telephone number for Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht or, for example, Eindhoven. And are you located in The Hague, Groningen, Leeuwarden, Den Bosch or Maastricht? With us you choose the (regional) fixed number you are looking for.

New phone number or number porting

Would you rather not choose a new phone number at all, because you already have a business number? We understand that. That is why we ensure that you can continue to call with number porting. Moreover, there is no downtime, so customers and other relations can always reach you, even during the switch.

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