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A landline phone number?
As a company, having a local landline phone number can contribute to a professional look. PriTelecom can provide this at the lowest rates in the Netherlands!

A new phone number or transfering can be quickly and easily arranged. Forwarding, voicemail, waiting music, calling groups, calling out via an app or IP phone.. anything is possible.

At the moment PriTelecom is not yet integrated into the PriPortal. For this reason, both the application and the settings will be administered by an employee. There are no particular costs involved in this. Do you have specific questions or wishes? Please get in touch.

Fixed phone number one-time setup costs
€ 15,00
Subscription fee per month
€ 2,50
Set up standard voicemail (male or female, English or Dutch)
Set up your own voicemail
Optional: endpoint (per month / per endpoint)
€ 1,00
Optional: PriTelecom app on smartphone (per month)
€ 1,00
Call rate to fixed NL number (per minute)
€ 0,016
Call rate to mobile NL number (per minute)
€ 0,081
Call rate other countries
on request

(price changes and errors reserved)

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