Internet calling

Internet calling is cheaper, easier and just as reliable. You call via the internet connection, so you no longer need a separate telephone connection. People are always able to reach you, it’s much cheaper and you have maximum flexibility. And when you use our handy PriTelecom app on your mobile, the quality of the connection is also better than you are used to!

Fixed business number

Business calls and calls with a fixed telephone number for a professional look. Thanks to VoIP, it works easier than ever and is also very economical. You decide which telephone number you apply for. For example, an 085-number to emphasize your national availability. Or a regional number when you want to emphasize that you are represented locally.

The PriTelecom team

You want to be optimally accessible to your customers and the same applies to us!

If you want to ask us something, you can call us every working day and we will be happy to talk to you personally. You can of course also email, chat or create a support ticket. At PriTelecom we find personal service and being easy to reach the basis of trust and doing pleasant business together.

We’re here to assist you!

Fixed number on mobile

With a fixed number on mobile you combine a 100% professional look with optimal accessibility. Request your fixed number from us and forward it to your mobile number, so that you can also take calls on the go. Or use our handy PriTelecom app. Then you can answer calls to the fixed number on your mobile at no extra cost.

Choose your number

Call with a national 085-number or with a regional number for, for example Rotterdam (010), Amsterdam (020), Utrecht (030) or Eindhoven (040). Do you already have a fixed number that you want to continue using? With number porting, we ensure that you can continue to call with the same number. Only then with our very economical rates!

Secure login to the PriPortal

The PriPortal contains confidential information and that is why we do everything we can to keep the portal as secure as possible. For example, we use PEN tests and invite researchers to test our safety with a responsible disclosure. You can therefore trust that your data is safe with us. Of course, our IT people play a big role in this, but so do you. After all, you are the one who logs in to access the PriPortal. And in addition to entering a username and password, you will have to go through an extra security step. You can choose from three different methods.